The VR Game that will put you right in your dog's paws... literally!

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Ever wondered how the world looks through your dogs eyes? Ever imagined how fun it would be to be in their paws? Have an amazing time navigating your pet's world.

Start as a little dog with no real world skills but lots of energy and start learning the skills that make a great pet. Develop your skills in finding and digging out bones, learn from the master of that art. Outwit the butterflies and squirrels that roam around your camp.

Build your surroundings and have fun adventures or solve clever puzzles. Find your inner child if you aren't one! Your camp and surroundings look huge from your perspective but nothing is out of reach for the skilled and smart! In SCOTTY you become one with your furry friend, overcome obstacles, learn new skills and get to reach your final objective: be the top dog in your neighbourhood. 

Scotty will exploit the VR console capabilities to enhance your senses and space perception to allow the user a unique experience and perspective. Space constrains are no challenge for Scotty, regardless of the available room, the experience will allow an amazing free range feeling.


In a small play space, the player can use the paw hopping mode to jump/teleport in a new section of his camp while in large space mode the player can simply roam the whole camp as needed. By digging below the camp fence the player can access new realms and new adventures.


Nearly all interactions in Scotty are completed with your hands. Running, digging, hopping, paw up position, fleas scratchig or more complex movements such as catching sticks, butterflies and squirrels. Moving or building around the hand can also be done by hand movements.


We expect a full playthrough of Scotty to take between four and six hours. However, each user can compete in improving their scores and receive upgrades by playing the levels again. Each level will change every time it is played.

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